MSU United Way campaign concludes

December 2, 2010

Thank you to all faculty and staff who contributed, either by pledge or an outright gift, to MSU's 2011 United Way campaign. The campaign committee knew gaining commitments this year would be tough, given the challenging economy, a lack of raises, the number of people who took early retirement, and the like. To that end, we scaled back our expectations--in 2010 faculty and staff committed over $115,000, so this year our goal was $100,000.

Unfortunately, we have fallen well short of our 2011 goal. As of today, we have commitments of $76,426.58. The only division to meet their goal was Student Affairs, so a big shout out to them!

If you intended to make a gift and just forgot, Leslie Corey in HRM will be happy to process it for you now! It's ALWAYS a good time to give to United Way, an organization that touches many of us in various ways.

Again, thank you for showing your care for our community by giving to United Way.