Help ensure a great game day experience for all

September 8, 2010

Ensuring a great game day experience for all fans attending sporting events at Mississippi State is a goal of the university and the designated Game Day Committee. The committee places a special emphasis on enjoyment of the Junction and other picnicking areas.

Fans truly appreciate these areas, and the atmosphere they generate. Everyone appreciates those who take time to clean up and bag garbage recyclables before leaving these areas as well. To aid with clean up, the university has added more trash and recycle bag receptacles.

Even though most fans remove personal items, others fail to take individual supplies such as tents, grills, coolers, and other items. It's important to take personal belongings when leaving the area, since the university is unable to monitor items left. These items remaining after a game are considered abandoned.

To ensure a good game day experience, please follow these tips:

-- Pay attention to signage to determine appropriate boundaries for setting up tents and other tailgating needs. Leave some space between tents for movement outside of your tent area.

-- For your safety and for the protection of the area, remember there are no wheeled vehicles allowed in the Junction. (A wheeled vehicle is anything that has to be trailered or towed or operates on its own power.)

-- Be aware that no commercial sales are allowed in the Junction, except university sponsored sales.

-- Take advantage of the comfort room facilities in the Junction and behind the Dorman Hall greenhouses.

-- Pets are not allowed on campus on game days.

-- Take personal belongings with you when departing campus.

These rules are designed to make the game day experience enjoyable for everyone. The Game Day Committee thanks Bulldog fans for their continued patronage and support of the university.