University urges precautions for H1N1 flu

August 20, 2009

During the summer, officials at Mississippi State began preparing an educational campaign in advance of anticipated cases of H1N1 with the beginning of classes. We hope you've had a chance to review information posted on the FluWATCH Web site at Taking precautions suggested at this site can be your best defense against illness.

As expected, with the return of students living in close proximity to each other, the campus has experienced a steady increase in the number of flu-like cases seen at our Longest Student Health Center. The health center is providing kits of helpful items to those diagnosed with the flu, and soon will begin to provide a supply of masks to residence halls for those who may be living in close quarters with others who contract the flu.

There is a need for precaution, but not alarm.

Here are some important facts to remember:

Please monitor our FluWATCH Web site for developments and suggestions, and please follow the guidelines suggested for maintaining YOUR good health.