MSU to issue new ID cards for some

June 30, 2009

The MSU ID card is getting a facelift, and those new to MSU and those in certain special categories will get a revised look. For most folks, the current ID card will continue to be the card to use.

A key feature of the new design is a larger ID photo for improved identity verification. Additionally, certain ID cards will have colored stripes to indicate individuals identified by their Vice President as being in one of three special categories including:

- Crisis Action Team member, signified by a yellow stripe

- First Responder to emergencies, signified by a red stripe

- Position Identification, signified by a blue stripe

Beginning on June 30th, new employee ID cards will be made based on the new layout, and new student ID cards will use the new design beginning on September 8th. It is important to note that existing ID cards will continue to work for the foreseeable future. If you already have an MSU ID card, you will not need to get a new one unless you are notified by your Vice President that you fall into one of the three special categories listed above.

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