Account statements go paperless

April 29, 2009

Mississippi State is using technology to better serve students, parents and employees.

Starting in May, account statements will be available online exclusively through the secure MSU QuickPAY portal. Students and employees no longer will receive a printed statement in the mail.

In addition, students may provide their parents authorized access to their online accounts.

According to Controller and Treasurer Kevin Edelblute, the change makes sense for everyone.

"We print and mail more than 60,000 statements every year, and they're often out of date before the ink is dry," he said. "Providing this information exclusively online will enable us to better serve our students, parents and employees in a more effective and environmentally sensitive manner."

For more information about this change and step-by-step instructions for providing parents access to the student's online account, visit and click on the link titled "VIRTUAL ONLINE MSU Account Information."