College of Arts & Sciences announces EDGE

October 15, 2008

The College of Arts and Sciences today launches a new college wide initiative to further its commitment to excellence for its students and the university community. Under the acronym, EDGE, the college will promote Enquiry through research and teaching, Diversity in faculty, student and university relations, Green through both resource-sustaining or preserving practices and intellectual endeavors, and Ethics in both personal and professional activities.

This new initiative positions the college as an educational leader for the 21st century. It merges the often separate activities of academics with real world experience and so provides students and faculty with the opportunity and skills necessary for success in our new world environment.

"All 14 of our departments are very excited about the EDGE initiative and have been working on new and creative ideas to further its influence on students, faculty, and the community," said Gary Myers, Dean of the college. "We believe that working together under the EDGE concepts will provide a greater context in which to view our diverse disciplines and college. It will also make students aware of the interconnection of ideas--how they span many disciplines."

Initial EDGE activities include the Research Showcase to be held Thursday and Friday of this week, continued support for both the African American Studies program and the Gender Studies program, conservation of resources within departments, and additional certificates similar to the Diversity Certificate recently introduced, to name a few.