Doc's Bulldog Resolutions

December 24, 2007

OK—I'm not the new guy anymore. Wow, it's coming up on a couple years. We have had 14 graduations since Mary and I settled on Morrill Road. What a trip!! Mississippi State University just finished a great year—new records for enrollment, new records for research and development, new ways to extend our services to the citizens of Mississippi, new jobs enabled by our economic development services, the College World Series, and a trip to the Liberty Bowl. But it's what have we done lately that counts.

The energy level is up across the Bulldog Nation—you can feel it everywhere. The challenge—or all of us—is to keep that energy level up and keep moving forward. Here's what I intend to do to set my personal tone for maintaining our momentum.

Doc's Bulldog Resolutions for 2008:

That's my flight path for the year. Hope these resolutions give you some insight into what's in the play book. Thanks for being part of the Dawg Pack.

Robert H. "Doc" Foglesong
Dec. 24, 2007