Homeward Bound Project featured on national news

January 8, 2013

Students at MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine are tackling the pet overpopulation head-on through the Homeward Bound Project of MS. This special program has hit the national news recently with an article in Ladies’ Home Journal and a feature on Fox News. To view the Fox News feature, click here.

The Homeward Bound Project of MS began in 2007, with CVM students, Megan Caulfield, Krista Gazzola, and Amy White, who noticed the imbalance between the large supply of adoptable dogs in the South and the high demand in the Northeast. They set to work creating the first successful transport program developed, maintained, and operated by veterinary students. Their mission was to take adoptable puppies and young adult dogs from overcrowded shelters in the South, and transport them to adoption guaranteed shelters in the Northeast, where there is a high demand for adoptable dogs. Today, the Homeward Bound Project is still run by vet students and continues to send deserving dogs up north with a chance for a better life. To date, Homeward Bound has rescued 3,010 dogs and transported them to forever homes.