Student Financial Aid introduces new Call Center

July 18, 2011

The MSU Department of Student Financial Aid has launched a new Call Center. With growing enrollment and increasing need for financial assistance, many students or parents want to speak with financial aid staff to understand the process. Although there is detailed information on the Student Financial Aid web page, sometimes students or parents want to speak to someone about their questions.

Please refer any calls to the main Student Financial Aid line of 662-325-2450. The Student Financial Aid Call Center staff will answer the incoming call and provide general information before referring the caller to an appropriate subject area expert when needed.

The Call Center's purpose is to keep financial aid production as efficient and effective as possible with minimal staff interruption for the general information that many callers seek. We ask your help by directing all financial aid calls to 662-325-2450. Please share this information to allow the Student Financial Aid staff to place more emphasis on the unique situations that need more detailed information.